Mozilla squares up to iPhone with Firefox handset

Mozilla have launched two new handsets made by Spanish firm Geeksphone

Mozilla have launched two new handsets made by Spanish firm Geeksphone

MOZILLA has unveiled a new smartphone to be powered by its Firefox operating system.

• Mozilla to launch two new handsets on Firefox operating system

• Technology firm say phones offer more “freedom” for software developers

The technology firm has announced the release of two handsets, manufactured by Spanish company Geeksphone, ahead of the system’s formal launch.

The phone will run on the HTML5 platform, and will be principally targeted towards software developers, who Mozilla promise will enjoy more “freedom” with their handsets.

The handsets to be released, Keon and Peak, will be available for sale next month.

Although a price is yet to be set for either model, Mozilla says they will be cheaper than equivalent phones from market rivals.

Of the two mobiles, Keon will be the basic model: a 3.5in (8.9cm) screen, a 3MP (megapixel) camera will feature alongside a Snapdragon S1 processor.

Peak will feature a larger 4.3in display, an 8MP camera and a more powerful Snapdragon S4.

Mozilla say that the nimble operating system will allow “optimal battery life” and minimise instances of crashing or slow processing speeds.




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