Matter of fact

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• Edward VII owned a golf bag made from an elephant’s penis, a gift from an Indian Maharaja who had heard of the king’s fondness for golf and big game hunting

• In the world’s worst rail disaster, in India in 1981, 800 people died when a driver braked to avoid killing a (sacred) cow and the train plunged off a bridge

• A harpoon dating back to the 1800s was recently found inside a freshly killed bowhead whale, supporting the scientific evidence that it was over 200 years old

• Africans and Caucasians are around four times more likely to have fraternal twins than Chinese people

• Long before the French Revolution, in the mid-1500s, the Scots were using a guillotine known as ‘the Maiden’

• One of Peru’s fastest-growing energy drinks is made from the coca leaf - with the cocaine removed

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