Lynn O’Rourke: ‘Bonfire Night? That’s next month, isn’t it?’

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SO, no sooner have we dealt with the onslaught of fun that is Halloween these days, than we get to start thinking about Bonfire Night.

And for those of you who don’t have gardens, be thankful. Because that way you don’t have to worry about clearing leaves or picking up abandoned sand pit toys in preparation for your annual family fireworks party.

And it may not surprise you to hear that, despite offering to host our extended family do in a moment of madness, I am nowhere near prepared. Halloween went on for so long that any thoughts of fireworks were pushed to the back of my mind. Bonfire Night? That’s next month, isn’t it? Somehow, next month has swung round and our gathering is looming.

Cue much comparing of supermarket firework deals, wondering just what ‘suitable for small gardens’ really means, scrambling to get the last sparklers and planning some kind of impressive feast that both kids and adults will enjoy.

The beauty of having a bonfire party (most certainly one minus any sort of bonfire) is that you don’t have to decorate your house. No pumpkins, no ‘Happy Halloween’ banners, no decorative ghosties. And if you get the timing right and shuffle everyone in after dark, just keep the lights off and you won’t even need to tidy up. As for that elaborate feast? At the moment it’s looking a lot like sausages and baked spuds, with the odd marshmallow thrown in for good measure.

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