Introducing... The Futuristic Retro Champions are go

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THE Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Roxy Music, Duran Duran, Pulp and, more recently, Franz Ferdinand – just some of the bands who first got together while attending art college.

To that list, add Futuristic Retro Champions, whose five members all attend Edinburgh College of Art.

There's Carla Easton, keyboardist and chief songwriter; bassist Cecilia Stamp; Sita Pieracinni, the band's delicate chanteuse; guitarist and drum maestro Harry Weeks; and last but not least, Dan O'Neill, who joined almost by accident, showing up randomly at a practice at Weeks' flat with his trumpet.

Formed by Easton for an art school project in 2006, they developed their sound while she was living in Lithuania with Pieracinni in tow. Along with Weeks, Easton sculpted her idea of perfect pop influenced by the likes of The Shangri-Las, The Vaselines and The Polyphonic Spree, as well as her vast collection of northern soul, 80s pop and 90s dance tunes.

"The current line up has been together for four months, but we started out in 2006 soundtracking a short film we made at art college in Edinburgh," says Easton, whose band can be seen in action at Henry's Cellar Bar tomorrow night.

"Our tutor Paul Carter was a massive fan of music," she continues. "He would make mix tapes and CDs for us and was always enthusiastic about us getting together and actually making the music for ourselves.

"He was adamant that Cecilia and I should end up together in a band one day, and was probably one of the biggest reasons the band got started.

"Sadly, he never got to see us play live as he died in 2006, just shortly before we started gigging. I'll always remember the first time he heard an early recording of our first song, Lullaby. He just smiled and said it was great that we were making music together."

With a pure pop sound resplendent with hook-laden choruses, their late tutor would no doubt be proud. Live, they are an engaging and energetic ball of fun, and their whirlwind live show has attracted heaps of praise from press and musical peers alike.

They have shared stages in the past few years with the likes of Glasvegas, Hot Club de Paris, Bombay Bicycle Club and Kate Nash.

"Like a calculator having a heart-attack on a sunny day," laughs Easton, when asked to describe Futuristic Retro Champion's music. "Seriously though," she adds, "we are pure pop, and even when we write 'serious' stuff, we always try to write really strong melodies and attempt to keep everything fast and dancey."

Glasgow electro duo Dolby Anol are currently producing several of their songs, and the Capital outfit are hopeful the fruits of their labour will be heard before the year is out.

Meanwhile, don't miss them tomorrow. After all, it's not every gig where you see a live band playing unashamedly poppy music.

&#149 Futuristic Retro Champions, Henry's Cellar Bar, Morrison Street, tomorrow, 8pm, 4, 0131-228 9393