Interview: Tony Black, author

Date of birth: 22-03-1972 Occupation: Crime writer.

What sort of school pupil were you?

Trouble. I was always the one being sent out to the corridor, or standing in the headmaster's office staring at my shoes.

Were your school days the best days of your life?

Looking back it seems that way... it was all long summers and swapping footie stickers.

What was your first job?

I had a part-time job in River Island when I was at school. The best bit was they gave you free clothes, the worst bit was the aggravation you got from shoplifters on a Saturday night when they saw you out on the town.

What has been your most unusual job?

Assembling computers. All the components came from the Far East. They thought it was funny to put unusual insects in with the monitor casings. You never knew whether a giant grasshopper or a poisonous spider was waiting to jump out.

My biggest achievement so far has been...

becoming a full-time writer.

My worst moment ever was...

falling down a hole into the Tweed when I was a nipper. I had to be rescued and still have nightmares about that.

Three words that sum up my personality are: A bit boring.

Favourite place in the world?

I have a real affection for Galway on the west coast of Ireland.

Three places in Edinburgh you could not live without?

The Manna House on Easter Road, Blackwell's Bookstore and the Filmhouse.

Name one item you not live without?

My i-Pod.

By what ethos do you live your life?

Forgive and forget.

Truth Lies Bleeding by Tony Black will be launched on 9 February at Blackwell's Bookshop, South Bridge

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