Little Riley is Scotland’s first baby of 2013

Riley was the first baby born in Scotland in 2013. Picture: Robert Perry

Riley was the first baby born in Scotland in 2013. Picture: Robert Perry

Happy couples celebrated New Year with the arrival of Scotland’s first babies of 2013.

The first came at four minutes past midnight – and he was three weeks early. Riley Lafferty arrived at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, weighing in at a healthy 5lb 15oz.

His mother, Angela, 39, from Greenock, celebrated with his father, James Harkness, 36, and siblings Chantelle, 16, Brandon, four, and Kyle, two.

“It’s a bit strange,” Ms Lafferty said. “Riley wasn’t due until 24 January and I came to hospital to get my blood pressure taken. I was about to get sent home when my waters broke. I couldn’t believe it.

“We didn’t have to cancel any big New Year plans, as we weren’t doing anything anyway. I’m just happy its all over and done with. It’s great he’s here.”

The first new arrival at Glasgow’s Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, at 12:15am was Reece, weighing 8lb 15oz, to first-time mother Catherine Conway, 20, and partner Michael French, 23.

“He was due on 28 December, but nothing happened,” she said. “I wasn’t supposed to be induced until 10 January, so it was a bit of a shock when I got contractions on Sunday night.

“We’re very happy that he is finally here.”

Islay Davidson was the first baby at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. She arrived at 12:22am, weighing 5lb 9oz. Her mother, Sarah Gray, 21, and her partner, Ross Davidson, 24, of Leith, said their first-born could not wait to become a New Year’s Day baby.

“She was due towards the end of January, but she obviously wanted to see in the New Year,” Ms Gray said. “It’s an amazing start to the year.”

Another New Year arrival was Lara Milne, who was born at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital at 12:28am, almost two weeks late.

Lara, who weighed 8lb 6oz, was due on 19 December, but kept her parents waiting until the following year.

Her mother, Lyndsay Cruickshank, 35, said she tried all sorts of remedies to bring on labour, including spicy curries.

Ms Cruickshank, of Inverurie, said: “I tried raspberry leaf tea, curries, long walks – and lots of fresh pineapple until my tongue was burning and I got heartburn.

“Nothing made any difference. She had me walking round most of Inverurie, but it was going to happen just when she wanted it to.”

The marine lab communications worker was taked into hospital to be induced on Hogmanay, but ended up going into labour naturally.

Delighted father Richard Milne, 38, a manager for BT, said he had been placing bets with his family on when his second child was going to arrive.

Ayrshire Maternity Unit in Kilmarnock saw two early arrivals. Nicola Gouldstone, from Galston, gave birth to Leon at 1:05am and Kathleen Dickie, from Maybole, had a baby boy 22 minutes later.




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