Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman, 30/10/12

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Tuesday’s puzzle...


1 Go a good bit towards avenue which is short cut (7)

5 She’s initially reluctant to show laziness (5)

11 A friend’s best man disrupts wedding with his dog (1,4,4,6)

12 Giggle excitedly, trying to hide high spirits (4)

13 Particle discovered to be a godsend when centred on original science (5)

14 Thorn that is extracted from doll (4)

17 Go back to summary (6)

18 Covers painting with earth (7)

20 Its maid leads her side to victory when other ranks take sides to south (7)

22 Minister gives prompt acceptance to turncoat (6)

24 Sell when left in state of uncertainty (4)

25 Flowing in marathon, perhaps – destination New York (5)

26 Rave about tv detective (4)

29 It’s difficult to play a leading role with directors when veering to far right (4,2,9)

30 Do I hear you spill the beans on drugs? (5)

31 Campaign that’s amateurish in holding Saudi Arabia (7)


2 Book a taxi passenger we’ll take to a room that’s empty on Sunday (1,8,2,4)

3 File introduces reliable and safe policy (4)

4 Possibly mean to take on earliest exotic flower (7)

6 Lay pieces of bacon on the French road (4)

7 Overweight people in this country live in luxury (3,3,2,3,4)

8 Animal heard (but not seen) in boreal forest (5)

9 Stout reform about original mission taken to extreme (6)

10 Eccentric person can not even dance (7)

15 French writer climber exotic tree (5)

16 Trips up when making a sudden rush (5)

19 Has fool ruined scrubbers? (7)

21 Flatten game (6)

22 Incandescent aura surrounding mythical beast (7)

23 As dry, strangely enough, as places for fitting out ships, for example (5)

27 Heads up knock out (4)

28 Goes out – out with Lord Coe and boy (4)


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