Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman, 29/10/12

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Tries to play on, upsetting superstar (11)

9 Old priest took note of the upper class (5)

10 About to have insight, for a change (8)

12 In France, you object to one working with guidance (7)

13 Frees up heartless elder to get some joints (7)

14 Launch force on line in good order (5)

15 Spoil good Hindu spirit, on condition (9)

18 About time a worker had a run in an ocean-going vessel (9)

20 Engaged in staging a sporting event (5)

21 Take note, having a lot of brewing vessels (7)

24 Find out fee needed for Turkish dignitary (7)

25 Parting from detachment, on the border-line (8)

26 Pile up, at the end, to have a spree (5)

27 Bound to take crack at left-winger who gave up (11)


2 Smoothing things out at the end of the day (7)

3 Romantic singer collected a top diva, right away (9)

4 On no account got through a lot of wine very quickly (5)

5 Hears the Italian returned with some guns (7)

6 Have to endure article about the old left (5)

7 Win diploma if tree grew round cacti


8 Is sceptic about one denying all reality (8)

11 Found out when to secure boss, on paper (11)

16 Retribution, eg, can even out (9)

17 After a party, band had to get new decking (8)

19 If at a low ebb, right to be more disheartened (7)

20 A fine fellow can be quite friendly (7)

22 Nowadays, that’s unlikely, at first, to mean farewell (5)

23 Issue 101 included an offshoot (5)


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