Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 26/11/12

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Takes issue with spin-doctor taking auditions (8)

5 Puts Premier player into cords (6)

9 Modifies religious communities getting right for new followers (8)

10 Run once right over a tight spot (6)

12 Corresponded to one of the Seven Deadly Sins (6)

13 Prompt old travel writer to express (5)

16 Misappropriate sanctimonious deserter, by the end (6)

17 Noticing time-out, run in willing to take a chance (8)

20 I’d add up, etc, if hooked (8)

21 Model goes into designs for workshops (6)

23 Surpass ten with 50, we are told (5)

25 Could one free new management to clear things up? (6)

28 Hearing about book concerned with family matters (6)

29 Would a novice have to apply to get close to the bull? (8)

30 Bet on being able to pull empty engine (6)

31 Old hands embrace head girl in reels (8)


1 The best prefer to pull things apart (4)

2 Has to get into the town square (4)

3 Eager to dig up one green, etc (9)

4 Long time getting up in draws to win championships (6)

6 Makes off with a decoy on the way back (5)

7 Set limits on small stations in States (10)

8 Gets one to start out as a tactician (10)

11 Expert, nowadays, will get record time (5)

14 On the face of it, obviously in full view (10)

15 Putting together exhibition at some stage (10)

18 Settling down, if good to rent out in line (9)

19 Try to start off in the centre (5)

22 Pretend to show emotion for one working out (6)

24 Get permission to go on holiday (5)

26 Stake some money on an Italian team (4)

27 Members of a marine service, from the start (4)




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