Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 24/12/12

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Monday’s puzzle


1 Prepared 101 steel panels to display car numbers (7,6)

10 Fights against one with second in braces (7)

11 Demanding skill to get into bridge (7)

12 Try to get through the Arsenal defence (4)

13 Look askance at poles, at all times ... (5)

14 ... and break up, when poles apart, without talent (4)

17 Making up one’s mind to sign up the French, etc (9)

19 If in church, always show high spirits (5)

20 About to perform in order to get even (5)

22 Tucking in, when making an appearance (7,2)

24 Carry into teaching a system of betting (4)

25 Prepare clothes for doctor (5)

27 Origins of all lines developed in supermarket chain (4)

30 Was Jude unclear about former pupils’ remedy (7)

31 Be upstanding, to dip into a good book (7)

32 He has condition to carry meaning into the ring (13)


2 Last in line managed to be put in place (7)

3 It’s plain sailing, even casual (4)

4 Find out, in short, a new girl, sometimes lazy (5)

5 Cross over green, but he doesn’t contribute much (9)

6 Find a method to get far off (4)

7 Understanding, in fact, when ten teams play (7)

8 Arrangement made for a band, detailed to get their share (13)

9 Have a new fitting, even if it’s unsuitable (13)

15 Is on the ball to get a share of the kitty, at the end (5)

16 A club had to eliminate bitter characters (5)

18 Negotiate new credit arrangement with Eastern Europe (9)

21 Performer in leading part is tempted to go on and on (7)

23 Leave joint with a giant Philistine (7)

26 Stalks the street in front of green ... (5)

28 ... and will get new wine from Greek character on the street (4)

29 A military policeman had to take on a body of native warriors (4)


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