Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 21/01/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Where the audience at a concert looked, and got a hostile reception (5,3,5)

10 Was made aware of one being surrounded by cattle (5)

11 Runs over gorge, as an invader (9)

12 Advanced too soon, being overhasty (9)

13 Uncover some of the finest ripe strawberries (5)

14 Urge a little rascal to get traditional education (7)

16 Disappeared with a right-back in handcuffs (7)

18 Unspecified regular officer, in the main (7)

20 Would one peer, for example, up at the moon when nearest to the earth? (7)

21 Gamble on getting American flowering plant (5)

23 Attractive appearance of some fine sights (4,5)

25 Prince detailed to take overdone apple dish (9)

26 Step down, without second period in control (5)

27 Windswept, where ten upset 2 down (7-6)


2 A club, by the end, had to be blunt (5)

3 Try to run round, to evade organisation (9)

4 Speak ill of old dictator after skill returned (7)

5 Say good principal was an intellectual (7)

6 Did addicts have to occupy empty rooms? (5)

7 Introducing a first night, by resting up (9)

8 Kitchen item used for cutting black hair (8-5)

9 Fascinating game failed to finish, having come second (13)

15 Peter took neat outfit to strike a chord (9)

17 Rough district in the country (5,4)

19 Beneficiary had support, with a different support, of course (7)

20 Demonstrate that the right book was moral (7)

22 It’s odds on to have settled down after divorce (5)

24 Reckon to get round before long (5)




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