Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 15/10/12

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Model Russian currency crashes, at first, so get into difficulties (4,4,7)

9 Preen over limp scarlet flower (9)

10 Hold onto first class line, in good order (5)

11 Was a primary school ready to benefit? (5)

12 Tender bound to be taken in by woodworker (9)

13 Send out one ship to turn East (5)

15 Slim rents levied by old musicians (9)

17 Did imposing old lady go west with old square? (9)

19 A voting system working, at some stage (5)

21 Surrounds 200 liners out East (9)

23 Is it fundamental to put graduates in charge? (5)

24 Medical man had a firm following, like ancient law-maker (5)

25 Old fighter delighted one took over the list of duties (9)

26 Might reorganisations be about to lead Tories into disputes? (15)


1 Tapering off, having little energy for rehearsing (9)

2 Back workers to take on opposing hands before one’s Waterloo (7)

3 That’s only a small part of the inside story (2,3)

4 Heavyweight in charge could pick me up (5)

5 Not care about the French, on sufferance (9)

6 Feel safe among casual players (9)

7 Book right kind of fibre to stir things up (7)

8 Keen to win through before a German team (5)

14 Duck under a bed-cover (9)

15 Flit, having very little time on land (9)

16 Is US sincere about creating more cushy jobs? (9)

18 Principal associate in charge of old-fashioned characters (7)

20 Return to schoolmaster to get rice dish (7)

21 The German followed the Spanish to their superior (5)

22 American took supporter back into chaos (5)

23 Made the Italian go in, on the other hand (5)




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