Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 11/02/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Chase, with a good heart, to catch Prudence (9)

6 Did a theologian get out of bed, to be consistent? (3,2)

9 Is about to get 6 across in order to communicate (7)

10 Get an excellent return on a pound in the country (7)

11 Get along, at one time, with one’s primary teacher (5)

12 Classic example of a model barometer (9)

13 Turn the taps on, and always with enthusiasm (5)

14 Officers who may have worsted the workers (9)

17 Got round to composing odd verse, having had too many drugs (9)

19 Ventured to move one forward, although rather weary (5)

21 Very good girl’s got enough energy to call the shots (9)

24 Gets along, or makes some headway, with transfers (5)

26 To sum up inapopular game, initially, is entertaining (7)

27 Ironed out good arrangement, but was passed over (7)

28 Drifts back into the silt, without the crew (5)

29 Sound snug, up toapoint, but in tension (9)


1 Found in favour, for example, coming back (5)

2 Agree to take in harvest (7)

3 Stare over at nude who promenaded (9)

4 Find way into jobs, like those hearing secrets (4-5)

5 Followupsuspicion to gather evidence (5)

6 Provide a long black cape, finally, to English playwright, oddly (5)

7 Put some manure, for a long time, in to a black-hole (7)

8 Even expert isprepared tobeschooled (9)

13 Roll up, displeased with one worker (9)

15 Satisfying meeting by paying in full (9)

16 Going about ten times toasmall cafe (9)

18 To spell things out, at one time, carried weight (7)

20 Deep thought for one involved in worship (7)

22 At the end, bomber helps tomake in roads (5)

23 Produce iron bar, in fact, when smelting other metals (5)

25 Goes along with secondary schools, finally (5)




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