Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 10/12/12

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Have a tendency to be a bit aimless (6)

4 Former pupils let Old English become outmoded (8)

9 After 10, runner could get job security (6)

10 Premier side falling short if taking it easy on the pitch (8)

12 Brown had to get back hospital soup (5)

13 In search of new individual later in the day (9)

14 Proper little girl returned with first Spanish chaperones (7)

15 Get little information on drug used to perform gymnastics (4)

19 Catch sight of second or fifth secret agent (4)

21 Savage lion mauled vet (7)

24 Exaggerate all the way through, on condition (9)

26 Keen to have a long time in the final run (5)

27 Learned top academic led old university to North Dakota (8)

28 Measure plant in the middle of fields (6)

29 Sing, late on, together with a leading diva (8)

30 Clubs with the advantage, have the first serve (6)


1 Is opposed to matter in the immune system (8)

2 Manages to have too many repeats (4,4)

3 At one time, change distant objects (9)

5 Is overdue when stayed in bed (7)

6 Turn up with old dog over 100 (5)

7 Team on the rebound working with US inventor (6)

8 Motor for trap going in easterly direction (6)

11 It’s crazy for graduates to have so little time (4)

16 Try to rescue top organisation (9)

17 Made allowances for pig, or other prickly animal (8)

18 Takes aback, if having to set off with the French (8)

20 Longed to end up after 12 months (7)

21 Have to contend with another opinion (4)

22 Did some soldiers have to turn in to complete works? (6)

23 German route altered to use the by-pass (6)

25 Have no use for small growth (5)




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