Crpytic crossword - The Scotsman 19/11/2012

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Illegal traffic by old Central American rebel group (10)

6 Misrepresent clash with President (4)

10 Excuse to cut down on the drink (9)

11 Slacken off, in the main, when made redundant (3,2)

12 Has the acumen, it’s said, to liven things up (6)

13 Is keen to be transported, in future (7)

15 Small firm had to resign over Europe to show appreciation (9)

18 Did one man leave the States with Heather? (5)

19 Boost for the last man in charge (5)

21 Many forced to cash in before church, by accident (9)

23 Worried about the French being removed (7)

24 One of the little people may run into malice (6)

27 Has to push off, if left in a long sand bank (5)

28 Downgrade to a garden flat (9)

29 Mixer, in a way, is also dangerous (4)

30 Pent up, having to resist, being deep-seated (10)


1 Be concerned about charge for 7 down (4)

2 Getting off may be unacceptable (3,2)

3 Got in right away with one raising hell (7)

4 Bound, at first, to run off, though quite undaunted (5)

5 Want to get a point, in hardship (9)

7 Study reflection on the word of command (9)

8 In favour of workers, nowadays, taking additives after walks (10)

9 Happy to get a pound back on article (6)

14 Attacks management of one crisis, etc (10)

16 Disguised in secret, having kept it under wraps (9)

17 One may start to intercede without delay (9)

20 A club abandoned faultless clergyman (6)

22 He ran over the ship in gear (7)

24 Odds on a new system, initially, to build bridges (5)

25 Time, at present, to get to that place (5)

26 Steer through the streets to the town centre (4)




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