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Every major TV show of 2017 - and when they’re on

There’s more choice than ever on TV, thanks to the rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.

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Are you a Netflix cheater?

Netflix ‘cheating’ on the rise in UK

Couples needn’t worry about their partner playing away from home this Valentine’s Day after a new study found your other half is much more likely to be cheating on you with Walter White than anyone else.

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Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world. Picture: Creative Commons

Revealed: The ‘secret’ Netflix codes to unlock new shows and movies

A batch of secret Netflix codes are allowing thousands of users to unlock a range of extra shows and movies.

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Facebook are upping their security measures. Picture: TSPL

Facebook introduces new login security measures to deter hackers

Facebook has introduced new security measures to logging in that allow account holders to use a physical key to access their social network profile.

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Google has warned users of unsolicited gmail messages.

Gmail hack: Tech-savvy users fooled by sophisticated phishing technique

Even tech-savvy Gmail users are falling victim to hackers who steal their login credentials, according to a security expert, who notes that increasingly sophisticated phishing techniques are being employed.

How does it work?

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‘Strong year’ predicted for gaming industry

The video games industry across the UK is expecting strong growth in 2017 with a majority of studios planning to increase their workforces.

There is a growing market among computing collectors for retro electronics.

Could your old tech be worth a fortune?

While shiny new PlayStation 4 Slims and Xbox One S games consoles are likely to be high up on the wish lists of many this Christmas, others would like nothing more than to slip back in time to the golden age of video games, between the late 70s and early 90s.


Sales of Grand Theft Auto V surpass six million in the UK

Sales of Grand Theft Auto V, the most successful video game ever to be produced in Scotland, have surpassed six million boxed copies in the UK alone.

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Kodak 360 4K Camera

Five tech gifts to consider this Christmas

Five new tech gifts on the market in time for Christmas 2016.

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The Scotsman games review: FIFA 17

The Scotsman games review: FIFA 17

WITH Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 signalling a triumphant return to form for Konami, the FIFA series is this year facing genuine competition for the first time this decade.

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Picture: submitted

Kodi box test case looming as trial date set for trader

A trader will be the first in the country to be prosecuted for selling set-top boxes which allow people to stream the latest films and football matches for free.

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Picture: Amazon

Amazon launch device that controls household devices through voice

Amazon has revealed its artificial intelligence voice-powered assistant, Amazon Echo, is coming to the UK in the autumn.

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Tony Gowland of Edinburgh-based Ant Workshop. Picture: Contributed

Six of the best new games developed by studios in Scotland

A WIDE range of titles - from shooters to reboots - are ready for release across Scotland’s burgeoning gaming industry. We look at six of the best.

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Pokemon Go players given special lane at Silverburn Shopping Centre. Picture: Ruslan Shamukov\TASS via Getty Images)

Pokemon Go players given own shopping lane at Glasgow shops

POKEMON Go players have been given their own lane in a busy shopping centre to avoid disrupting other customers.

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Google wants your Scottish accent. Picture: PA

Scots wanted to help Google learn regional dialects

Google is searching for Scots to help record ‘speech data’ - to boost its speech recognition technologies.

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Christian Bale's Batman suit is up for sale.

Christian Bale’s Batman suit up for sale at rare memorabilia auction

A batsuit worn by the superhero is expected to sell for £60,000 at a rare film and TV memorabilia sale.

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Pokemon Go players needed rescued from rising tide. Picture: Kirill Kukhmar\TASS via Getty Images

Teens rescued from drowning after Pokemon Go search goes wrong

SIX teenagers had a lucky escape after almost getting cut off by the sea while searching for Pokemon Go characters.

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Edinburgh Zoo. Picture; Neil Hanna

Edinburgh Zoo named in top ten places to find rare Pokemon

While Edinburgh Zoo is known for its animal population, the zoo has now been named as one of the top places for all Pokemon hunters.

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Tony Kenmuir launches Central Taxis'  Pokemon Go tours. Picture: Greg Macvean

Edinburgh cabbies offer Pokemon Go taxi tour

It is the multi-billion-pound global gaming sensation in which people search real-life places for digital creatures.

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