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Edinburgh cabbies offer Pokemon Go taxi tour

It is the multi-billion-pound global gaming sensation in which people search real-life places for digital creatures.

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A gamer plays Pokemon Go on a smartphone. Picture: Getty Images

Scots osteopath treats middle-aged man for Pokemon Go-related injuries

A SCOTTISH osteopath has urged Pokemon Go users not used to exercise to “take it slow” after treating his first patient with injuries caused by playing the wildly popular mobile game.

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People are finding Pokemon but losing their marbles. Picture: Getty Images

Gamer calls 999 to report someone who’d ‘stolen their Pokemon’

A Pokemon Go player called 999 to tell police that someone had “stolen their Pokemon”.

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Pok�mon Go fans enjoy the new craze at Tokyo Toys shop in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin

Gotta catch ’em all: Scots businesses lure Pokémon players

Businesses across Scotland are scrambling to find ways to cash in on the Pokémon Go craze which has swept the nation.

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The game uses GPS data to help users locate Pokemon near them. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Pokemon Go launches in the UK as game sweeps Scotland

IT is a craze which combines computer gaming and smartphones with time spent walking outside in the fresh air.

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Effie Macdougall on the manual telephone exchange at Craighouse on the Isle of Jura, 1974

Telling the story of Scots-led innovations at the national museum

Inventions don’t just happen – they evolve. From medical equipment to telecoms technology, improvements are only made through building on the knowledge of the past, writes Jim Gilchrist

The Foster Printing Press

Join the national museum’s high-tech revolution

The National Museum has always prided itself on the quality of its hands-on exhibits but the latest additions would have blown the minds of 
its founding fathers, writes Alistair Harkness

Emirates pilots Thomas Ziarno and Abdulrahman Mohamed Al-Busaeedi

Take a tour of Emirates airline’s A380 flight deck

A MAJOR airline has released a 360-degree video of the Airbus A380 cockpit.

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The movements of the caterpillar can be programmed. Picture: PA

Toy that introduces kids to coding tipped as top Xmas present

A toy caterpillar that introduces infants to coding and a doll that carries the “authentic smell of a newborn” have been tipped as must-haves under the Christmas tree this year.

Vrigin Train travellers can stream a library of around 200 hours of content to their mobiles and tablets. Picture: Contributed

Virgin Trains launch Netflix-style entertainment app

Virgin Trains has launched a Netflix-style entertainment system allowing passengers to watch films and TV programmes on demand using their own devices.

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Uber: Warlmart tie-up. Picture: AP

Walmart to use Uber to deliver to customers

Walmart customers in the United States could soon have their groceries delivered by Uber drivers under a pilot to be announced by the retail giant.

Almost a quarter of Brits are continuing to use dating apps once they've found love, a study has found. Picture: Ian Rutherford

A quarter of Brits using dating apps while in relationship

Nearly a quarter of Britons continue to use dating apps even when in a relationship, new research claims.

A report has suggested that smartphones could be used to modernise the criminal justice process in Scotland. Picture: Getty Images

Report suggests accused persons use smartphones to submit plea

Accused persons could use their smartphones to submit an online plea and keep track of developments in their case, a new report has suggested.

Alexander Enoch, founder of Robotical, with his robot, Marty. Picture: Neil Hanna/TSPL

Toy robot is child’s play for crowdfunding Scots inventor

A Scots inventor will launch a crowdfunding campaign next week to kick-start production on a toy robot which could radically alter how children learn about mechanics and computer programming.

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Users of WhatsApp have been warned of a new scam. Picture: Contributed.

Smartphone users warned of WhatsApp scam

Smartphone users are being tricked into downloading a fake version of popular messaging service WhatsApp which infects their device with Malware.

Sainsbury's has given some of its customers "smart" fridges equipped with integrated cameras, allowing them to see which food items they already have at home. Picture: PA

‘Smart’ fridge cameras allow Sainsbury’s shoppers to reduce waste

Sainsbury’s has given some of its customers “smart” fridges equipped with integrated cameras, allowing them to see which food items they already have at home.

EasyJets new Sneakairs. Picture: Contributed

EasyJet maps out the future with prototype smart shoes

Budget airline easyJet has come up with a bright idea to help its customers explore the destinations they are being flown to.

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Twitter is set to discount images and links from its 140-word quota. Picture: PA

Twitter is about to improve a major bugbear of its 140-character limit

Twitter is poised to overhaul its 140-character tweet system by stopping images and links contributing towards the total limit, according to reports.

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A view from a new interactive app that allows people across the world to virtually tour the Anatomical Museum at Edinburgh University, including areas of the museum and Old Medical School building not usually accessible to the public. Picture: PA

University of Edinburgh unveils new app for Anatomical Museum

Macabre artefacts from Scotland’s medical history – including the skeleton of a notorious serial killer and more than 1,500 skulls – are going on show to a global audience for the first time.

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Inventor of Shot Scope, David Hunter, a man of ideas. Picture: Malcolm Cochrane

Golfers’ drive to improve handicap gets a techno boost

American golf legend Arnold Palmer once observed the sport is ‘deceptively simple and endlessly complicated’. Now a new gadget developed by an Edinburgh-based tech start-up is capitalising on golfers’ never-ending desire to improve their game.

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