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Mary King's Close in the Royal Mile Edinburgh is one of Scotland's oldest streets
Mary King's Close in the Royal Mile Edinburgh is one of Scotland's oldest streets
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IT’S never too early to learn something new like how much will be spent on Christmas jumpers this year and where are Scotland’s oldest streets?

What are Scotland’s oldest streets?

Scotland’s vibrant towns and cities are integral to the country’s heritage. Under the streets of many Scottish towns which were medieval in origin, lies fascinating and important archaeology. Taking a look at some of Scotland’s oldest streets, we’ve found that the Capital holds a fair few - including the Royal Mile.

The Royal Mile runs down the East shoulder of a once active volcano, which is where the street derives its distinguishable geographical location and is known as the Medieval Street in Edinburgh.

Although the majority of buildings have been demolished, there is still remnants of the Old Town. Located on the street is John Knox House, which is one of the oldest in the city. It was mostly built in the mid-1550’s but with parts dating back to 1470.

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More and more Scots work in tech

One in 25 Scots is now employed by the country’s booming technology sector. There are more than 1,000 workplaces in the IT and telecoms sectors, worth an estimated £4 billion annually.

The figures are revealed in the annual Scottish Technology Industry Survey, which examines the health of digital services.

“Scotland’s IT and telecoms industry provides a vast range of products and services to many sectors, including health and social work, education, financial services and construction,” said Polly Purvis of trade body Scotland IS.

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25 per cent of Scots have made offensive marks based on sexuality

A quarter of people in Scotland have made offensive remarks about lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, according to a survey by Stonewall Scotland

And the organisation found that although offensive comments are frequently made about lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, few Scots step in to challenge these slurs.

In total 57 per cent of those surveyed admit to not intervening when they heard derogatory comments in the past year.

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£20 million will be spent on Christmas jumpers

This year, Scottish people are expected to spend in excess of £20million this year on Christmas jumpers alone - most of which will be worn twice.

Nearly a third of Scots admitted to owning at least one Christmas jumper already and 1 in 5 said they planned to buy one for this Christmas.

But 40 per cent of Christmas jumper wearers expect to wear them just once or twice this November and December with 30 per cent expect to wear then three to five times and 11% expect to wear them six to ten times.

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