Football’s greatest moments recreated in Subbuteo

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A Subbuteo enthusiast has recreated football’s most iconic moments using the game’s miniature players.

• Catalougue of great sporting moments recreated

• Mini footballers so detailed that lettering, shirt numbers and even club badges have been replicated

Famous football scenes from Maradona’s infamous Hand of God goal to René Higuita’s famous Scorpion Kick , Terry Lee has painstakingly crafted them all out of tiny plastic figurines.

Other works include Wayne Rooney’s spectacular overhead kick, Roger Milla’s corner flag dance and Zinedine Zidane’s head butt on Marco Materazzi.

Each one took the 30-year-old two days to make from scratch using old broken figures and modelling paint.

He then places them in his Subbuteo stadium - complete with pitch, goals, stands, fans, referee and press - before capturing on camera the miniature moment from football’s past.

Terry, from St Austell, Cornwall, said: “I’ve made well over 100 different figures.

“There’s always new ones to create - that’s the best thing about football there are constantly new iconic moments being created each match day.”

And after fellow fans inundated him with requests, he started producing a whole host of famous footballing scenes.




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