EdinburghSketcher: Botanical Gardens in autumn

EdinburghSketcher takes an autumn walk
EdinburghSketcher takes an autumn walk
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Autumn has arrived in Edinburgh, and the ground is covered with beautiful objects

THIS WEEK I took a walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh and picked up a few bits and bobs from the ground...

“Today’s sketch is of a few items I gathered after a lovely walk through the Botanics on Sunday.

Fir cones, pine needles and golden, crunchy leaves. All things which now carpet the RBGE grounds along with busy squirrels, gathering the falling acorns and stashing them out of sight. Head there just now to see the wonderful colours as the low autumn sunshine streams through the few leaves that still hang on the trees.

I could spend days, weeks there and not sketch the same scene twice. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. This sketch is drawn in fine liner ink, no pencil. With a water colour wash to finish.”

The Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

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