Dating danger

IF YOU are famous for being a wild man of rock, you have to be very careful about who you choose to date - your reputation could suffer.

Fred Durst, leader of the nu-metal band Limp Bizkit, has felt the need to defend himself after starting a relationship with ex-Mouseketeer and infamous virgin Britney Spears. On the band’s website, Durst, who is ten years older than his girlfriend, implores his fans to "chill" over the relationship after commentators were surprised by the unlikely liaison between the squeaky clean pop starlet and the grungy rocker.

Writing in his diary on the band’s official website, Durst says: "Well I’m sure we’ve had it up to our necks with all the hype. Isn’t it amazing how something very simple, pure, sweet, and innocent can be blown so far out of proportion?"

Well exactly. Durst isn’t the first bloke with a hard reputation to fall for mainstream charms.

Michael Hutchence, the dirty rebel singer of INXS, shocked the pop world with his unlikely romance with the then distinctly uncool Kylie Minogue, bragging that his hobby was "corrupting Kylie". She, in turn, dumped the anodyne Jason Donovan and became a muse to Hutchence: when she told him she was dying her hair "suicide blonde", he converted the phrase into a hit single. Kylie has been cool ever since

Charlotte Church, known as a pre-pubescent warbler of opera favourites, gave her image a makeover by dating bad boy DJ Steven Johnson. The world was rapt as her mother Maria apparently wrung her hands in despair over her choice. Unfortunately, Charlotte, or CMC as her new rap persona is to be known, appears to have reverted to type in her new relationship with Jamie Shaw of the made-for-TV group One True Voice.

Her dalliance was not perhaps as strange as the marriage between Thin Lizzy’s drug-addled frontman Phil Lynott and Caroline Crowther, the daughter of television star Leslie Crowther. Like all chalk-and-cheese relationships, it didn’t last long.

Britney should take note.

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