We wouldn’t be so ashamed if home was like Downton

People ashamed of their homes wished they could be more like Lady Mary Crawley's Downton Abbey
People ashamed of their homes wished they could be more like Lady Mary Crawley's Downton Abbey
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SIX in ten people in Britain admit to being embarrassed about the state of their home, a study has revealed.

Dated decor, unfinished DIY, mess and cramped rooms leave millions of homeowners cringing when they have visitors.

“Many are living in a house they aren’t happy with”

Sugru spokesman

Some red-faced householders admitted to keeping guests out of certain rooms or failing to invite them in when they turn up on the doorstep to avoid them seeing the state of their home.

It also emerged seven in ten people worry they will never get their home to a point where they are no longer ashamed of it.

However, researchers found that 88 per cent would feel less embarrassed about the state of their home if they could redecorate it or do some of their outstanding DIY jobs.

It also emerged Brits would most like to remodel their home along the lines of Downton Abbey, followed by Bruce Wayne’s home in Batman and Monica and Rachel’s flat in Friends.

A spokesman for Sugru, the company that commissioned the research, said: “When you first move into a home, most people will have ideas of how they want to improve it or make it more of the home they want. But a lack of time, money and a fear of complicated DIY tools mean many struggle to see all, or even any of these plans through.

“As a result, there are a large number of us living in a house we aren’t happy with, or are so embarrassed by that we don’t want other people to see it.”

The study, of 2,000 homeowners, found 57 per cent felt embarrassed about the state of their home.

And while one in four were only really worried about one room or area of their house, more than half say there were several rooms which they were unhappy with. But 21 per cent felt embarrassed about the entire house. General mess and untidiness was most likely to be the cause of home humiliation, followed by having a host of DIY jobs which needed doing. Old, dated kitchen units, cracked walls and ceilings, and old-­fashioned carpets completed the top five main sources of embarrassment.

A home which needs completely redecorating or is full of clutter also leaves many feeling red-faced when others come into their home, as well as fading paintwork, dirty carpets and shabby wallpaper.

Even having a home which is on the small side, has bad neighbours or is simply in a bad area can leave its residents feeling a little red faced. But for some, the embarrassment can really disrupt their social life, with 43 per cent ­admitting to refusing to let people into certain areas of their home.

Another 33 per cent don’t even let people through their front door, while 28 per cent have pretended to be out when someone has knocked at the door to avoid them getting a glimpse inside their home.


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