The Scheme is a huge hit for BBC – but calls pour in for it to be banned

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BBC Scotland is facing calls for its controversial fly-on-the-wall documentary series set in an Ayrshire housing scheme to be banned.

The final two episodes of The Scheme, set in Onthank, Kilmarnock, have already been postponed indefinitely after the programme-makers discovered one of the main residents they were to due to feature is facing court action.

Now Onthank Primary's headteacher Steve Banks is arguing for the show, which has depicted widespread social problems in the community, to have its plug pulled.

Politicians and council leaders have attacked the BBC – which has scored its biggest hit of the year with the programme – for its negative depiction of the housing scheme.

The series, dubbed "Scotland's answer to Shameless," has depicted apparent drug-taking, vandalism, violence, street drinking and a family providing a false alibi.

Mr Banks said: "I personally would like to see it stay off air.

"It does not give the flavour of what the community is really like."

However Ewan Angus, BBC Scotland's commissioning editor, said: "This is about real people's real lives.

"There are situations like this being played out all across Scotland and the UK.

"But I do think, yes, there is a fascination when you get an insight into someone else's routine and life."

The Scheme, made by production company Friel Kean Films, is described by the BBC as "a documentary series following the dramatic highs and lows of daily life for six different families all living in one large housing scheme in Kilmarnock".

Although Tuesday night's second instalment went ahead as planned, viewers were informed afterwards that the final two had been postponed due to a pending legal action.

Police officers are thought to be poring over footage of people were caught on camera confessing to crimes.

However, it is thought there is no question of the series being kept off air for good.

A BBC Scotland spokeswoman said: "Transmission of the remaining two episodes of the four-part series The Scheme has been postponed until a later date, pending legal action relating to a person not yet seen on screen in the series."

The BBC has insisted the documentary-makers looked at various towns, before settling on Onthank due to the number of families who agreed to be filmed over a sustained period of time.