Rebus story ends happily for city charity

A LIMITED edition short story which was penned by best-selling crime author Ian Rankin to raise funds for an Edinburgh charity has made in excess of £3000.

Only 1000 copies of the signed, Inspector Rebus story were issued and the Special Needs Information Point (Snip) charity has had bids from around the world.

In the story, set during the summer's Make Poverty History March, Inspector Rebus observes protesters and makes cutting remarks about First Minister Jack McConnell and Live8 organiser Bob Geldof.

There is only one copy of the 1500-word story left and the highest bidder will receive the copy with a personal inscription by the city author.

Rankin became an ambassador for the charity after he turned to them for help when his son was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, a rare brain disorder.

To place a bid for the story, Not Just Another Saturday, visit

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