On the radar: El Dog

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Sometimes things take a while to come around.

Glasgow four-piece El Dog, for example, have been around for six years. But in the past 12 months, a highlight of which was the release of their debut album The Lamps of Terrahead, the band's name has started cropping up time and again on bills – things are gradually picking up pace.

The LP, produced by former Aereogramme guitarist Iain Cook and dubbed by the band as "twelve short films for your ears", takes its cues as much from the movies as it does from the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins. 'Cinematic' is an apt description for its epic, foraying tunes.

Granted, expansive, melodic post-rock might not be much of a new thing to Scottish music fans, but the group's passionate live shows make it feel fresh and exciting once more.

Sourced from the Under the Radar blog

Guitarist and singer Bob Rafferty says audiences can expect "a good, fun show". He continues: "Our music can be quite emotional, heartfelt and a bit serious. But we don't take ourselves too seriously – so we have a bit of fun onstage".

Indeed, the boys aren't too shy as performers – it was a birthday celebration ending in public nudity which first brought the band together. "It was at Nice'n'Sleazy's open mic night – it was my birthday and I was a bit merry," Rafferty explains. "My friend got me up onstage and asked the audience to shout out things for me to do. This ended up with me dancing, naked except for a shoe to try and protect my modesty. It was after this that I got talking to the other guys and somehow the band was formed."

If that hasn't put you off, El Dog play at the Tunnels in Aberdeen with three of Scotland's most promising rock acts in Trapped in Kansas, The Darien Venture and Cast of the Capital on September 23.