Snack nearly spoiled my T says singer

FRANZ Ferdinand's lead singer Alex Kapranos has revealed that the band's Scottish homecoming almost turned to tragedy at the T in the Park music festival when he accidentally ate a tuna dish containing allergy-triggering nuts just minutes before going on stage.

The incident happened in the catering tent at the festival in Balado, Kinross, last weekend. Hungry after a journey from Gdansk in Poland, the singer picked up a piece of tuna, unaware of its nut content.

Kapranos said disaster was diverted when he spat out the offending item after recognising the signs from previous allergic reactions. He wrote in a newspaper diary this week that when he ate the fish he felt a "faint itchy tingle" on the roof of his mouth and spat it out.

The band went on to perform one of the sets of the festival to a crowd of 75,000.

The now famous singer also admitted that when the band played T in the Park in 2003, a security guard doubted who they were, telling Kapranos: "Sorry son, I don't think you're playing - you shouldn't be in this area."

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