Mavin Khoo Dance - Parallel Passions

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Mavin Khoo Dance - Parallel Passions****


THIS has to be one of the most schizophrenic dance shows ever staged. Khoo’s star is very much in the ascendant right now, and small wonder. Fusing classical ballet with classical Indian dance, he has created a hybrid which, surprisingly, does justice to both forms. Delicate yet with a real power, the Malaysian-born dancer is utterly compelling. And you never know what’s coming next - a series of pirouettes or the trademark foot stamps and darting eyes of Indian dance.

Not content with mixing up his choreography, Khoo has also put together an incredibly eclectic programme for his first UK tour. A slow, expressive solo in the ancient Bharatnatyam style was followed by a funked-up routine to Madonna’s Fever, complete with shiny gold flares and high heels. But Khoo’s true choreographic potential was unleashed with Images in Varnam. Inspired by an Indian love poem about a girl’s sexual awakening, it gave Khoo’s talented company a chance to show what they’re made of. Originally created for the Royal Ballet studio, the work was exciting, passionate and a sign of great things to come.

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