Album review: Depeche Mode - Delta Stream

Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode. Picture: Reuters

Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode. Picture: Reuters

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The Depeche boys have long since taken themselves out of Basildon, and the suburban smalltown ways have been expunged from Messrs Gahan, Gore and Wilder for even longer.

Depeche Mode - Delta Stream

Columbia, £12.99

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The former has grown vocally to transcend his inner electro rock god and convey something approaching genuine emotions. The trailer track Heaven observes the polite pop conventions while still getting down, dark and dirty with the band’s recently patented brooding moodiness.

My Little Universe opens the door on Chez Depeche like nothing before, doodling with Daft Punk’s je ne sais quoi with whirrs and beeps straight out of the Krautrock handbook. Then there’s a seismic shift to the brooding, synthetic blues of Slow, a mutant 12-bar which drools and drawls like a saloon pariah after an office night out, while The Child Inside is an Essex-inspired invasion of London’s West End for the Gothically inclined.

There are bite-size lyrical chunks of cod philosophy that make Personal Jesus appear profound, and primitive beats recalling Glitter and Goldfrapp, while Gahan sounds like a man bursting with self-belief. Goodbye is a tightly emotional sign-off, but this is the work of a band sounding like they are just getting started, not raking over 30 years of hedonism and pop hysterics.

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