Gail Porter says stopping Prozac almost killed her

TROUBLED TV star Gail Porter has told how coming off Prozac without telling her doctor almost killed her.

The Edinburgh-born presenter revealed she was prescribed the wonder pill after breaking down in floods of tears when she went to her doctor suffering from post-natal depression.

She said she was unable to stop crying and constantly worried she was a bad mum after the birth of her daughter Honey.

However after a few months using Prozac the thirty four-year-old former Top of the Pops presenter felt back to normal so decided to stop taking it.

But after coming off the drug she hit "rock bottom" as her marriage to former Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave disintegrated.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on GMTV today, Ms Porter said: "I was crying a lot. It was about a year-and-a-half on and I still kept thinking I was doing this and that wrong and I am not a good mother.

"I just went to a doctor and could not even speak to him. I was just crying.

"He prescribed me Prozac but I felt guilty about that as well. When I started taking it I felt better.

"Then I just came off it without telling my doctor. When I came off it that’s when I hit rock bottom."

Ms Porter also denied she had ever planned to commit suicide when she took an overdose of painkillers last month.

She said: "I did not want to kill myself. That day was the strangest day. I felt so empty.

"I got Honey ready for school and dropped her off and when I came home I just thought I have no idea what I am doing with my life.

"I took some pain killers, then took some more and it got out of hand.

"I phoned the doctor and said I think I have done something really stupid."

But she admits she has been bowled over from the support she has received and knows a lot more about post-natal depression.

She added: "Lots of people suffer from it and there is nothing to be embarrassed about."

Ms Porter, who went to Portobello High School, shot to fame thanks to a series revealing photo shoots in glossy men’s magazines, most famously having her naked body projected on to the Houses of Parliament.

She married Hipgrave in 2001, and hit the headlines after branding the Edinburgh registrar who performed the ceremony the "most boring man in Scotland".

She spent two years out of the limelight following the birth of her daughter but rejoined the celebrity world in 2002, signing up for channel 4 series The Games.

She confirmed in February that her marriage to Hipgrave was over.

Their stormy relationship hit the headlines in November when police were called to their London home over a drunken fight.

Ms Porter previously said the couple had rushed into marriage too quickly.

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