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A roundup of the latest cinema releases, including Kristin Scott Thomas in Love Crime

Love Crime (18)


Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier star in Alain Corneau’s neat, smart psychological thriller in which a calculating corporate high flier steals ideas and credit from her eager assistant until the tables are turned. Implausible perhaps, but the twists on Working Girl and All About Eve are intriguing and strongly acted.

Cineworld, Glasgow, until Thursday

West Of Memphis (15)


Documentary-maker Amy Berg has shaped an excellent feature digging into the case of three teenagers found guilty of the appalling murder of three boys. Two were given life sentences, the other was on death row but new evidence has suggested the case for the prosecution was flawed. This is the second film this month from Peter Jackson and one with personal investment, given that he funded the private investigations to reopen the case.

On selected release from Friday

Pitch Perfect (12A)


In this frothy comedy, a snarky university student (Anna Kendrick) reluctantly joins an all-girl acapella group to prove to her father that she’s a team player. Their routines are slick and so is the singing, but of course the relationships between the girls are anything but harmonious. The jokes are a little hit and miss, but when the film risks going off-beat it’s quite appealing.

On general release from Friday

Boxing Day (15)


Danny Huston and director Bernard Rose reconvene for another of their modernised adaptations of Tolstoy stories. Unfortunately this reworking of Master And Man hasn’t the resonance of Ivansxtc, but Huston is slyly compelling.

On general release from Friday

False Trail (15)


In this gloomy Nordic noir, a Stockholm policeman (Wallander’s Rolf Lassgård) returns to his country home to investigate a young girl’s murder. Wintry in setting and tone but reasonably absorbing.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Friday, Saturday, 23 December and 27 December. Filmhouse, Edinburgh, 4 and 5 January

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