Duo Proclaim: We'll sing till we're 100

IT is an announcement that will delight their fans and infuriate their detractors - the Proclaimers plan to go on singing until they are 100.

Speaking after the launch of their latest album Life With You, twins Charlie and Craig Reid revealed they would be happy to go on performing indefinitely.

"We will go on for as long as the public wants to hear us, and as long as we are physically able to do it," said Charlie. "If the public don't want to know, we will retire - we won't need to be pushed.

"If they do want to know and we can continue to do it and feel we can make a contribution, then we will continue till we're 100."

Life With You is the 45-year-olds' most political album to date, with songs about the conflict in Iraq and the global struggle with terrorism.

And the brothers, both long-time SNP supporters, also ventured into politics to back the new Scottish government. "It's a breath of fresh air and I'm not saying they're the greatest in the world but it's a substantial improvement," said Craig. "What's quite sad in a way is that they actually show up how terrible and poor the previous administration was."

The duo were set to play live and sign copies of their new album at HMV on Princes Street at 1pm today.

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