Poem of the week

Post-Holiday Blues is Gerry Stewart's first collection from Flambard Press.

Should you have a touch of the post-holiday blues yourself, exploring the work of a poet is a very good antidote.

As well as the beautiful title poem, others like this one will refresh your mental palate at the start of the new year.

Jeg Skal Aldri Grte (I Shall Never Cry)

The sun fades

over the lightly sketched

Norwegian landscape.

I am alone, walking along

shadows of stone walls.

Here, the rain running in streams

over dark earth can be my language.

Hay threshers, caught like dinosaurs

in the clear ice-sky,

wait with me for the return of the sun.

Beyond these empty fields

lies a house with closed faces

and the endless muted blues

of horizon and sea.

I move back into the shelter

of stone-hard hills.

You can borrow Post-Holiday Blues (Flambard Press, 2007) from the Scottish Poetry Library, which also lends by post. Tel: 0131-557 2876, e-mail reception@spl.org.uk or visit www.spl.org.uk

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