My Edinburgh: Allan Guthrie

Allan Guthrie is an award-winning crime author and literary agent who lives in Edinburgh. His latest novel is Slammer, which he'll be reading from at Waterstone's West End, at 6pm on Thursday, 25 June alongside Tony Black and Helen Fitzgerald

Date of Birth: 5 June 1965.

If you had a time machine, which Edinburgh concert would you relive?

Paul Buchanan/Blue Nile at the Usher Hall in November 2006. His voice is haunting, heartbreaking and utterly spellbinding.

What is your favourite Edinburgh theatre?

Who makes up these questions? I love them all, cinema and stage. But if I had to choose, probably the Filmhouse. It holds good memories for me. It's a good place to meet people. And they provide very nice food.

If you could chose any act to headline Edinburgh's Hogmanay, who would it be?

I'd create a unique one-off double act for the night. How about Jimmy Krankie and Gordon Brown?

Name three regular haunts in the Capital that you could not live without.

Henderson's, The Espy in Portobello, Vittoria's. I like food.

Separated at birth: Edinburgh and . . . ?

Seriously, who makes up these questions? Edinburgh's unique. It has no twin.

Who or what in Edinburgh inspires you?

The person who makes up these questions. I'd like to buy them dinner and ask some equally inspired questions of my own.

Do you think the city is a friendly place to live?

It's plenty friendly as long as you stay well clear of me and DON'T ASK RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS. Sheesh.

Car, bike or bus - how do you get around town?

I like to walk when I can. Otherwise it's the bus - while we still have them. I expect they'll be eaten by the trams and I won't be able to get a tram from Portobello, where I live. Just as well I like to walk.

Come August do you love the Festival or loathe it?

A bit of both. The Book Festival can be a lot of fun. Trying to get back home after 11pm, not so much.

If you couldn't be in Edinburgh, where else would you rather be?

New York would be fun for a while but I don't fancy the summer. I'd maybe spend the summer in Dumfries. It's a little cooler on the Costa del Solway.

Princes Street or George Street?

I'm very fond of the south side of Princes Street. It's the only main drag in any city I can think of that doesn't have shops lining it.

If we elected our Lord Provost, who would you like in the position?

The new Hibs manager, John Hughes. I'd like to see a Lord Provost who believes in a passing game.

What's the biggest change you've seen in the city?

The tramworks. I've never seen the city look so ugly. It's like it died and is having a public post mortem. Not to mention the effect on local businesses.

When away from home what do you most miss about Edinburgh?

The beach at Portobello. I walk my dog down there a couple of times a day, rain or shine and usually both.

Could you recommend a restaurant?

I'll keep the canine theme going: The Dogs on Hanover Street. Amazing food at a very reasonable price.

What attraction should no visitor to the city miss?

The sewage plant at Seafield. Fine family day out. The kids could learn all about odour control.

Sell Edinburgh to a stranger in no more than ten words.

Pay us a visit or I'll break your f****** legs.

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