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ALEXANDER McCall Smith is one of Scotland's best-loved and most read authors. His books regularly appear in the best-seller lists across the world. Throughout June and July, Living – your lifestyle channel – offers you the chance to hear the author read from some of these novels. It marks the first time McCall Smith will read chapters from his books as podcasts.

Podcast 1 - includes an interview between McCall Smith and David Robinson, literary editor of The Scotsman. This is followed by the author reading Chapter 35 of 44 Scotland Street, which introduces us to the character of Bertie – a six-year-old genius.

Podcast 2 - continuing from the previous reading, this features McCall Smith describing more misadventures of Bertie.

Podcast 3 - the final reading from 44 Scotland Street sees Bertie in disgrace.

Podcast 4 - the first instalment from Espresso Tales, the second book in the series, plus an interview with the author himself.

Podcast 5 - the second instalment from Espresso Tales, the second book in the series.

Podcast 6 - the final reading from Espresso Tales.

Podcast 7 - the first instalment from Love Over Scotland, the third book in the series, plus hear McCall Smith in conversation with David Robinson of The Scotsman.

Podcast 8 - the second instalment from Love Over Scotland.

Podcast 9 - the final instalment from Love Over Scotland.

For 2 1/2 years McCall Smith has been writing a daily novel for The Scotsman. His 44 Scotland Street is set in Edinburgh and populated by an eclectic and engaging mix of characters. Originally envisaged to run for one book, his work has become a popular serialisation. It was followed by Espresso Tales and this summer saw the release of Love Over Scotland.

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