Book review: Long Time Dead

DESCRIBED by Irvine Welsh as his "favourite British crime writer", Edinburgh author Tony Black is back.

Long Time Dead is his fourth novel following the happenings of investigator Gus Dury, who this time is asked to probe a ritual, on-campus hanging of an Edinburgh University student.

The victim's mother is a high-profile actress and has promised a large reward to the person who can explain what happened to her child.

Despite his attempts to get sober, Gus is back on the drink. Desperate for money, he goes undercover at the university, takes up a janitor's job and soon discovers a similar hanging took place in the 1970s.

But the students will not speak to him about what has been going on, until another of their friends turns up dead by exactly the same method.

Gus becomes the next target for the executioner as he moves closer and closer to the truth.

Tony Black was born in Australia and grew up in Scotland and Ireland. As well as being an author, he is an award-winning journalist and editor.

Long Time Dead, by Tony Black, is published by Preface Publishing, priced 12.99

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