Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 30/08/2012

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Thursday’s puzzle...


3 Face up to challenge for coalition (5)

8 Did class make headway, in passing? (6)

9 Provoked left-winger to take on old American (6)

10 About to take couple to resort (6)

11 Turned the tables, right away, having son installed (8)

12 and 29 Long to back one working to produce moisturiser (6)

13 Complicated set is a small vessel (6)

14 Talked at great length, but was generous in the end (8)

17 First-class order by place to set type (7)

19 Show composure in weighing up surplus (7)

23 Gloomy 13 down turn to the Navy, at the end (8)

27 Return setter to stud, following chase (6)

29 See 12 across

30 Is earlier than star getting into deep arrangement (8)

31 Win a road-race with a popular finish (6)

32 Be apprehensive, with little hesitation, to hustle (6)

33 Draw a blank over old name in order to deliver (6)

34 Push force inside, with nothing on (5)


1 Common person, say, had a wine-shop (6)

2 Goes our separate ways after holidays finished (6,2)

3 Don’t worry so much about game (8)

4 Turned old tribe round, by degree (7)

5 Proceed to raise Cain in the middle of Mortlake (6)

6 Do artists fret about cashier? (6)

7 Fall apart, at the end, when hard-hearted (6)

13 Understood top team gets to perform with one (5)

15 and 18 Using maximum effort in a general strike (3-3)

16 Fades away, over time, at conventions (5)

18 see 15 down

20 The last word can indicate one’s acquiescent (8)

21 Have scope to take one on drive (8)

22 Spice up a dense individual (7)

24 Broadcast a lot to a new person in service (6)

25 Blow me down, when in action (6)

26 Improvement at college, with a change of heart (6)

28 More reluctant to accept verb, meaning to break into pieces (6)

Wednesday’s solution

Across: Pity, Swine fever, Essex girl, Arras, Abasg, Pamphlet, Top knot, Oil drum, Obscene, Inkwell, Mercuric, Abbey, Sushi, Histamine, End of story, Gnat

Down: Precaution, Esse, Tessa, Possessed, Exchange, Chief, Whippet, Earshot, Nelumbo, Incisor, Flash, Like a man, Vertebrae, Bairn, Rose, Emploment

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