Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 30/04/15



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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Blend under investigation may be questioned in court (5-8)

10 Turn a fold back to reveal deadly virus (5)

11 Would Bill, eg, lie about indistinct reading matter? (9)

12 Joining together at some games in the Highlands (9)

13 Old sailor is on the back foot, having small bones (5)

14 Is more small-minded as well, on average (3,34)

16 Might the bus soar away, privately (3,4)

18 Maintains claims, so calls attention to them (7)

20 Bears witness at some trials (7)

21 Cast have hard time getting back on line (5)

23 Understanding one item of pottery, up to a point (9)

25 Iron smart outfit affected by a downpour (9)

26 Harmful gas can get round the region (5)

27 Close off debate with neither side prepared to compromise (5,2,6)


2 Settle on basis to adopt second place to rest (5)

3 Don’t make so many models, so it’s ill-defined (9)

4 Have to correct one working, at issue (7)

5 Claims everyone, say, has energy on Sunday (7)

6 Some may be weighing other metal in a bar (5)

7 Bans me returning with lighters, getting round (9)

8 At first light, we manage to rouse the last strong men (6-7)

9 Claimed organisation had complex method of measurement (7,6)

15 Watching former pupil waiting at table (9)

17 Gambler on the wrong track can still be quite prosperous (6,3)

19 Told to look left at a coastal town (7)

20 Is apprehensive, like a trainees equipped for combat (7)

22 Looked back at empty table as extravagance (5)

24 Summon the first lady to capture old king (5)

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