Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 29/12/14



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Monday’s puzzle


1 Keep quiet, thank you, but be polite about it (4,7,2)

10 Nitpickers might criticise a boy in short trousers (7)

11 For one day I pretend to be rather fat (7)

12 Turn back, about to take on a bad-tempered person (4)

13 Forbid access to a narrow passage off the street (5)

14 Aromatic plant growing among sage, cumin, thyme, etc (4)

17 Large flow of live data about the West (5,4)

19 Be like 13 across on time, at the end of the day (5)

20 It’s hard to get into French resort in the recess (5)

22 Lords may oversee trial marriage (4,5)

24 In time, regret being loyal to firm (4)

25 Took some pains to learn about a narrow vestment (5)

27 Did some of the strip-tease artists fall over? (4)

30 Can get in close, so give the go-ahead (7)

31 Purser had no hesitation about going on a ship in eclipse (7)

32 For instance, show some sign of rally, in protest (13)


2 Told to line up in front of the boss, on paper (7)

3 Would doctor be inclined to care? (4)

4 Have some leisure time left to give support to an artist (5)

5 Forwards may move on taking small ships (9)

6 Leave out the old man, at one time (4)

7 Pressing club, of course, to take the lead in good order (7)

8 Good chances to find work, left with agreements (13)

9 Failed to start on one side, at the stake (4,2,3,4)

15 Always take a line to catch young fish (5)

16 Sprite guarding the first Greek province (5)

18 At the start, suited different positions (9)

21 Would small firm argue about spirit? (7)

23 Did a twister have to take sailors to a party? (7)

26 Might an also-ran head off 13 across, right after? (5)

28 Singer taking part in a musical tour (4)

29 Worry about some beef returned unsold (4)

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