Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 29/05/14



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Thursday’s puzzle...


Solution 28/05/14

Solution 28/05/14

1 Old green bud, when forced, began to grow (9)

6 Sells off German wines in some joints (5)

9 It’s embarrassing for lecturer to have to join in summing up (7)

10 Would a former pupil have to attend with honours? (7)

11 It may take a long time to find a Muse (5)

12 Unsettled 20 down might be a door-to-door salesman (9)

13 Did ancient king object to return of the whole orchestra? (5)

14 Unique individual is bizarre (9)

17 Latin poet had to rush off to pad things out (9)

19 About six left to find fault (5)

21 Hear about new song composed for some dependents (7-2)

24 There’s no time to tangle with feeling (5)

26 Well-to-do upper class advanced after work (7)

27 In class, one school-friend showed some character (7)

28 Last man with a pen can be quite obnoxious (5)

29 Top player about to be published can be stopped (9)


1 Throw down the gauntlet to a warrior in the Wild West (5)

2 If set to lose nothing, worker must be happy (7)

3 Leader had to correct one in examination (9)

4 Is remiss to get good linen all mixed up (9)

5 Cotton fabric used in arid, hot, Indian states (5)

6 Undue expedition to head off to the continent (5)

7 Pirate broadcast trails Top Cat or Sooty, initially (7)

8 One club playing pals, etc, must be suspicious (9)

13 May feel a bit depressed, but can score in the NFL (5-4)

15 Settled on the French calendar to record proceedings (9)

16 Find some sweet stuff in the last fruit (9)

18 Pays tribute to some in touch, on our side (7)

20 Would the V and A admit a tramp? (7)

22 In the first scene, my role was on the other side (5)

23 Prepare the frame-work to lay the foundation (3,2)

25 Demanded old man should leave, when about to reform (5)

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