Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 27/11/14



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Thursday’s puzzle


Wednesday's solution

Wednesday's solution

1 Go a long way; on track to avoid trouble (3,1,4)

5 The others may accept second one may make a stand (6)

9 In address, call on Sue to pray for others (8)

10 Study model in front of the artist, from the other side (6)

12 Maintained it sounded you were in the wrong grade (6)

13 Position a new force before the French (5)

16 Managed to perform a lot, although disorganised (6)

17 In short, Greek nation turned out to be ill-informed (8)

20 Blocks president about to have proclamations (8)

21 Is uncompromising, trying to break up Europe (6)

23 Competed with runner, having served successfully ... (5)

25 ... and show how runner might get heavyweight to make a comeback (6)

28 Greek priestess had to eat out, but might be in her element (6)

29 In company, dreams about close associates (8)

30 A little girl had two days getting short measure without warning (6)

31 Criticised rebuke by daughter, so read the riot act (8)


1 Covered up, it’s said, when lost in thought (4)

2 Record some new books, at the end (4)

3 Is there room to hem up in a caravan? (5-4)

4 Call on one, in order to track down how to get better (4,2)

6 Leading experts battle over lethal African virus (5)

7 Get trained by management to become unified (10)

8 Laughs at parodies in burlesques (20)

11 Saw a little girl, say, coming back (5)

14 Have some decent links with real estate (10)

15 May need credit arranged, having acted on one’s behalf (10)

18 Tips over tours of duty (9)

19 Work hard at farm yard, initially (5)

22 Returns in small firm before me (6)

24 Had a ball, when starting to develop a new church (5)

26 Get round the German river (4)

27 A man had to go from being entertained to being exploited (4)

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