Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 27/05/13

Grid: Hugh Johnson

Grid: Hugh Johnson

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Distant object had very little value in the past (8)

5 Understand how to collect reserve (6)

10 Tribe line up to expose playboy (9)

11 Is copper about to start saline remedies? (5)

12 Faces up in two different directions to gain honours (7)

13 Persevered, having put in for a job (7)

14 Girl’s having to work out how to go up in smoke (8)

17 To damage brand would be a disgrace (5)

19 Left area, in the main, with some cotton yarn (5)

21 White and red mixed together faded away (8)

24 Develop mushroom to grow much bigger (7)

25 Heard giving one’s word of honour about the upper limit (7)

27 Once a year, one had to leave in reverse (5)

28 Fit to challenge for new trophy, at first (9)

29 By the end, have to team up in order to come out (6)

30 Club on trial before Sunday competitions (8)


1 Fellow had to reverse to go downhill (6)

2 Deny that truffle can grow up (5)

3 Capitalise on inflexibility on day out (7)

4 Fixes nothing, and is left stranded, initially (5)

6 Receives caps, etc, for playing up (7)

7 At one time, a fighter got the wind up in a big way (9)

8 A tenant might have to let over the Border (8)

9 Last month, a depression could be degenerate (8)

15 Since one left, managed to show disrespect (9)

16 The French architect and engineer ganged up on a novelist (8)

18 Withdraw a legal right at the end (8)

20 Pale rug designed to keep things quiet (7)

22 Respected some of them in entertainment (7)

23 Find a way in to get small marbles (6)

25 Look everywhere for old jazz band (5)

26 Theories found inside a seminary (5)

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