Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 26/06/15

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Friday’s puzzle


1 Finish knitting when actors take a break (4,3)

5 Sort of group prepared for printing (7)

9 Doctor has right supporter in an ethical context (7)

10 Present before court liable to circumscribe work (7)

11 Sir, for example, seen in choir of reformation (9)

12 I take gorillas, say, in negative of photographic print (5)

13 The others stop first, taking breathers (5)

15 Bears tore slate to pieces (9)

16 Junior officer to reverse vehicle and change direction to north (9)

18 Domestic help mother acquired in appeal (5)

21 He has hidden in church as result of hunt (5)

22 Clone data mistakenly based on reports, possibly, that are unscientific (9)

24 Made catty remarks about filling of rarebit (Cheddar) (7)

26 Cheer AA for fixing upsetting complaint (7)

27 Pale dot transforms into little swimmer (7)

28 Legendary Greek hero who set present company against you and me (7)


1 Aide-de-camp hors de combat after swallowing insect repellent (7)

2 Leaves high and dry on beaches (7)

3 Ship carrying petroleum product blows top off steam vessel (5)

4 Flip the lid to get possible source of infection away from part of utensil (3,3,3,6)

5 Credit charge on chief responsible for a pound is current concern (7,8)

6 In favour of employing trained expert (3)

7 Exercises being over, boast about athletics event (4,3)

8 Most people identify with high church service (3,4)

12 Ice pinnacle may give rise to cares (5)

14 Only needs to take five during work out (5)

16 Fire ass (US) not finished with old trombone (7)

17 Confounded to have shed blood on a street (7)

19 Thing to make it clear (7)

20 Moulds gentle sheep, we hear (7)

23 Mournful song uses minor key, perhaps, in calamitous situation (5)

25 Horse too, they say, taken round to water (1,1,1)

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