Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 24/01/13

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Thursday’s puzzle...


1 The very best in Paris were in their prime in Edinburgh (5,2,2,5)

9 Mean to say, before a hollow gesture (7)

10 In the first place, was called up to be celebrated (7)

11 Get a head start from top speed, generally (4)

12 Open the door to getting a degree at US institute (5)

13 Conservative led a politician into the party (4)

16 Told to get sorted out, as required (7)

17 Trains with hard runner in the south of England (6)

19 Say hello to little girl with pick-up down under (6)

22 Many who bustle about may come a cropper (7)

25 Can take heart, although few and far between (4)

26 Be entitled to credit as reward (5)

27 Have a good turn, starting to end a shivering fit (4)

30 Might Tom have to strip in a nightclub? (7)

31 She has to learn about Old English (7)

32 Live a long life, at first, and to finish everything has to be the supreme aim (2-3,3,3-3)


1 Were two fellows over-eager, at first, to join girl’s attendant? (8)

2 At the end, teamed up and came fourth, we’re told (7)

3 Show enthusiasm in speaking the same language (4)

4 Was finished with me, although reformed (7)

5 Install a President having to sharpen up (7)

6 Earnest unaffected by simple material (4)

7 First makeover might have been a faux pas (7)

8 Old man, up to a point, had to conform (5)

14 Projecting a proper sense of self-esteem (5)

15 Very 27 across, although rather obscure (5)

18 Intellectual put bromine into his breakfast food (8)

20 Can one be pleasant and easygoing, not cold? (7)

21 Pick out artist for complex Greek character (7)

22 After a small gratuity, aim to get a salary (7)

23 Tropical plant may grow into a big one (7)

24 Supply provisions for farm animals every day (5)

28 Examination of two different metals (4)

29 James Martin inside a new kitchen (4)

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