Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 23/12/13



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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Falsetto, for example, threw up, originally (4-7)

9 In many cases, applies to decimals (5)

10 Ignore an annual religious festival (4,4)

12 Pat let off little energy on board (7)

13 Have to close fastening on retirement wear (7)

14 Calculated the speed by a leading driver (5)

15 After one new catch, it ends up with more than one 3 down (9)

18 Arrests lots over parking, taking a long time (9)

20 To insert right away may add up to the same thing (5)

21 Did runner, having good going early on, run into critic? (7)

24 Reckon a small number could still cause a conflagration (7)

25 Aims to upset little brother, with a divine drink (8)

26 Dance with spirit before audience, initially (5)

27 Feeling green, at the beginning, may show sound judgment (6,5)


2 Fired up US soldier with time to dine out (7)

3 Chance to take in the last song, appearing in dramatic performance (9)

4 One book sent on, had no time for dramatist (5)

5 Leading chorister, having recorded, choked up (7)

6 Still have little time, in any case (5)

7 To contrast second relationships as differences, could be odious (11)

8 Step exaggerated, in short, by high heel (8)

11 Is a nation less likely to become great? (11)

16 Discipline a group of players getting one opening (9)

17 No way, strange at first sight, to get patent medicines (8)

19 Over the border, forbidding an original settler in the US (7)

20 If playing well, top star inspires the others (7)

22 A good boss may make some soup (5)

23 It’s no good to give up sap (5)

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