Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 22/04/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 At the end, get a rotten tax levied, largely (2,1,5,6)

9 Getting rid off academic institution by deception (7)

10 Are some soldiers detailed to get treatment? (7)

11 Get round island state in the Middle East (4)

12 About to deliver hidden danger, in the main (1-4)

13 A concealed entrance, long ago (4)

16 Leave Newton at party, and left by a canal-boat (7)

17 Did the last book aspire to be a pot-boiler? (6)

19 Nonconformist caught out as poisonous (6)

22 Ruins a city in the US producing drink (7)

25 Slow to go into the chapel at evensong (4)

26 Batters caught out on appeal (5)

27 Way back to a top Russian ruler, at one time (4)

30 Is against winner losing gold, as criminal (7)

31 Helps forces to provide small favours (7)

32 The French frighten off real impressive character (6,4,4)


1 Is all-embracing, albeit having alternative (8)

2 Turn aside from a black spot (7)

3 Condemn the Italian artist, conversely, at the bar (4)

4 Take a line, for example, back to support mathematical system (7)

5 After audition, aim to keep it in reserve (7)

6 Moved back round, to leave a place in Africa (4)

7 Supposed to find new Milan roundabout (7)

8 Range over a new day, taking two different directions (5)

14 Is it wrong to start eating a rich cake? (5)

15 Did NCO have to run into attack? (5)

18 Left a hybrid, at the end, in a game (8)

20 One sent off to get round a Baltic state (7)

21 Fellow cut short semester on part of a book (7)

22 Parent, without hesitation, accepted a military medal was great (7)

23 Is taking ages over a South African spear (7)

24 Psychological barrier may prevent a large building (5)

28 Catch some fish off Bridlington (4)

29 Work out how to record over a refrain, by the end (4)

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