Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 21/10/13

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Monday’s puzzle...


8 Second sailor had to get fish for a bird (8)

9 About to have an issue, with some justification (6)

10 Wanted to get long-gone day reorganised (6)

11 Commanding a section of the border in Germany (8)

12 Suffer a fever at the end of an epidemic (4)

13 Polish flew off displaying camaraderie (10)

15 A friend had to turn to first-rate layman (7)

17 Explanation for the defence of a poor specimen (7)

20 Asian runner attempts to create manufacturing enterprises (10)

22 Take a trip to European country without associate (4)

24 Promising to be attainable, with good odds (8)

26 Attempt to get close to being stylish (6)

27 Plunge right in to change course (6)

28 Heath, in empty grounds, finds places to make his ship fast (8)


1 Concentrated on a powerful sound (6)

2 Did fellow make fun of workers with little time for remainder (8)

3 Gets wind of poor service, so complains about it (5,5)

4 Inferior US soldier took over an aristocrat (7)

5 Give a little encouragement for a first date (4)

6 Graduate clubs ring off, taking issue ... (6)

7 ... and is ringing out as good as new, and in good order (8)

14 Labour has to work to gain the upper hand (10)

16 Looming over a part of eastern Asia (8)

18 Eavesdrop to find one way into old Russian leader (6,2)

19 In return, I’d left girl in a predicament (7)

21 Wrong result for this rugby side (6)

23 Did a popular little girl turn to a blue dye? (6)

25 Given a piece, eat the first mouthful (4)

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