Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 21/07/14



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Monday’s puzzle...


1 One may create a dispute to have the desired effect (4,1,10)

9 Appear to get in front, in order to think about the future (4,5)

10 The artist got rid of an old man, to lay him to rest (5)

11 May be hanging as curtain on deck (5)

12 One’s desperate to survive depression (4-5)

13 Does everyone have to come back to share? (5)

15 Wash all over roses, which may be in a timber-yard (3-6)

17 Did a writer object to final body having jurisdiction? (9)

19 South Africa can produce a type of glossy fabric (5)

21 Deliver a cupboard, and an organ, in the West Highlands (4,5)

23 Taps, as expected, initially, when in pursuit ... (5)

24 ... while Tom taps into winnings (5)

25 Show some respect by bowing and scraping (9)

26 If mixing single palette, with antimony, they can send you off (8,7)


1 Failing to finish fruit, with drink, led to a bout of histrionics (9)

2 Smart Alec may try to be friends with everyone (7)

3 May stagger through a labyrinth (5)

4 In theory, long to set the highest standard (5)

5 Finds a safe way to produce diamonds, then disappears (5,4)

6 Popular painter, at first, falls in the shower (9)

7 Records over a model whom writes music, etc (7)

8 Ground covered by the Arthurian legends (5)

14 Craft displayed by soldiers knowing how to finish (9)

15 Wild one managed to take days to go under (5,4)

16 Lack the usual feeling, if unconscious (9)

18 It’s time to stop the French framework (7)

20 A 10 across had little energy to develop apprentice (7)

21 Bring together to meet at a central point (5)

22 The essence of a small coin in the US (5)

23 Can a Conservative member work his way up? (5)

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