Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 17/01/2014

Grid: Ros Sherard

Grid: Ros Sherard

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Friday’s puzzle...


1 Apes in action, moving around - that’s a relevant example (1,4,2,5)

9 Does she prefer a wine that’s not too strong? (7)

10 He is leaving work to write about island (7)

11 Announce start of race for pudding (4)

12 You are heard to lay into idiot with power to influence (5)

13 Goody goody parliamentarian is a solicitor - but not in a good way (4)

16 Beat her down with blow (7)

17 Isn’t one put out by stress? (7)

18 Snakes’ resting place on road (7)

21 Scales of charges for volunteers’ musical pleasantries (7)

23 Store one Antipodean parrot (4)

24 So rig up benefit cheques (5)

25 Eastern chief recovers in frost (4)

28 Being sick after toss in gym (7)

29 Hit on the head with face of barometer when it was wet (7)

30 Those who aren’t bound to be heavy - West Highland type? (3,4,5)


2 Log in to company in New England to get scent (7)

3 Island in the south that can be reached by boat (4)

4 Pander to, eluding fuss (7)

5 Following almost innocent legal action (7)

6 Obsessed with starting, I’ve not turned out (4)

7 Faster minibus laid on at places where it stops (7)

8 To survive the French Revolution it is necessary not to panic (4,4,4)

9 Done exceptionally well in finals? That’s a turn-up for the books (4,2,1,5)

14 Season a recovery succeeded in producing maps (5)

15 Poles constitute trap (5)

19 Excuse needed before sending msg? (7)

20 Set off cowboy’s horse (7)

21 Exert oneself to give difficulty (7)

22 Lucky finders keepers — of company (7)

26 Rest about to leave behind fatigue (4)

27 Couple with quiet demeanour (4)

Thursday’s solution

Across: Workshop, Callow, Collie, Ridicule, Long, Testaments, Resting, Admired, Secondment, Play, Portable, Option, Regent, Spanners

Down: Rococo, Eyesores, Skylight, Outset, Threatened, Bute, Oppress, Reverse, Acid, Additional, Cliche, Impotent, Roulette, Aboard

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