Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 16/07/15



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Thursday’s puzzle




1 Awards for runners-up, when I serve up with small daughter, initially (6,6)

8 Intended to be rather second-rate, at last (5)

9 Set off quite excited, and was turned on (9)

11 Is about to get left with an in-depth account (6)

12 Indicating the heart of the matter in good order (8)

14 Was the first stronghold with keep built on the beach? (10)

15 Had a premonition of ill-feeling in a promenade (4)

18 Show agreement at the end of a junction (4)

19 Gold-miner, for instance, had a good chance to have an alternative (10)

21 Set off with new downpour, but gets on board (8)

23 Rigid fundamentalist is adamant, to be exact (6)

25 It’s time to involve 21 across, when passing (9)

26 Decorate a social occasion to join the Navy (5)

27 An attractive girl could be worth a lot, although it doesn’t sound like it (1,6,5)


1 Heard pens were about to be made more pointed (9)

2 Although well-versed, replaced first reading with copyright on scholarship (8)

3 Some may narrate tall stories, and other things in Latin (2,2)

4 Still put forward proposal to the French society (10)

5 Suspect venerable theologian can prophesy (6)

6 Left on a Thursday with one heavy stick (5)

7 Have to be shut up, if kept inside (12)

10 Was a US state producing power while going downhill? (12)

13 Caustic acid had a 23 across following (10)

16 Did new army omit to arrange a legal union? (8)

17 Check that the others managed to take one in (8)

20 Bother to have an argument, with difficulty (6)

22 Could a tip-top pile-driver add power to a steamer? (5)

24 Draw to a close on the way to work (4)

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