Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 16/03/15



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Monday’s puzzle


7 Are a German woman, and daughter, involved in sharp practice? (5)

8 That man invented a new cocktail in New York (9)

10 Bit of a start for weightlifters (6)

11 Try to avoid being caught in a marathon (2,3,3)

12 Develops swell small companies (8)

13 Destroy some ground overseas (4)

15 Get small hire-car in front in bright red (7)

17 It is impractical to be more frugal with resources (7)

20 Revise Europe’s direction in time, for starters (4)

22 Upset enormous turn-out, with getting round lots (8)

25 Create a barrier to stop famine relief, we hear (8)

26 Wanton abandoned a good maxim (6)

27 One is unable to follow repair made by a beggar (9)

28 Haul back a final crate to follow up (5)


1 Declare for now, initially, carrying little weight (9)

2 About to have more cuts in prospect (8)

3 Tend to go round America on a drinking-spree (7)

4 Attempt to get comfortable with returning fire-arms (4-4)

5 Keep company with someone at the beginning, and close (6)

6 Good morning to you. Sounding like time for the whole series (5)

9 Have to start working hard to take in some gorse (4)

14 Guarantee to run off with a small case (9)

16 Beginning to get right of access for transport (8)

18 In the main, left US city right after the directors (8)

19 Was the underworld on fire around the first of November? (7)

21 Last month, I had time, finally, to settle (6)

23 Originally, many old Army types dug a defensive ditch (4)

24 Had to change some of the initial terms agreed (5)

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