Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 15/02/13

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Friday’s puzzle...


1 Strange angle taken by Amanda who’s plunged right in for a lot of money (2,3,3,1,3)

9 Stick with outer limits of medium (7)

10 It’s a strain, unfortunately, to be a craftsman (7)

11 Tops of rectangles are in line with horizontal bar (4)

12 Made dress for appearing in surprise wedding (5)

13 Strong performance represents reality (4)

16 Being bald is, off the top of one’s head, suffocating (7)

17 Pretend to drink and strike an attitude (7)

18 Teasing tease with French cigarettes (7)

21 Schedules formed thanks to musical phrases (7)

23 Annoy informer (4)

24 Is it possible for a North or Central American to be member of ancient culture? (5)

25 Tolstoy’s heroine holding a mirror up to nature (4)

28 Put two together, wrapped closely with nothing at first in between (7)

29 In piece with simple moves, rosy colour appears before sunrise (7)

30 You’re welcome to a special day out, for example (3,1,8)


2 North America’s row is more unpleasant (7)

3 Deer got up, we hear (4)

4 Boil when cases surrounding building society get muddled (7)

5 People taking money out get unexpected rewards (7)

6 The only thing you could literally be for your own funeral (4)

7 Past ego destroyed by secret police (7)

8 Can one truly experience this different country? (8,4)

9 According to Dirk Gently actor consumed pond purifier (12)

14 Children one takes off mothers’ milk (5)

15 Lean to be lenient (5)

19 Interim disturbance at the ends of the line (7)

20 Comic’s prelude to being counted? (5-2)

21 Gad about with wild pirates (7)

22 In Germany, five take outing to amusement park (7)

26 Had Flanders and Swann sung in reaction to these animals? (4)

27 Odd when test reveals those who take a soft line (4)

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